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The basic guide of asbestos

Asbestos is a natural mineral. It’s nature, long thin cotton fibres, making it a wonderfully useful material, but also make it deadly. The fact that it can be folded and clapped like cotton serves only for its widespread use. Until 1989, asbestos was used in a plasterboard compound, a textured wall, vinyl tiles, ceiling tiles, roofing materials, including tiles, siding, some types of worktops, concrete, bricks, pipes and electrical insulation, in addition to many applications outside the structure.

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Asbestos is still used as a building material in China, India and other countries, but it has been banned for most uses in the United States since the late 1980s when its exit began.

The form in which it is, for example, siding asbestos, cannot be harmful. However, a simple suspicion of these potential buyers can deter or kill your business. Therefore, even if you only suspect that asbestos can be present, ask him to check it out and, if he is, correct it. Because asbestos is so widespread, many recreational services are available, but this should be done by a licensed contractor specializing in the disposal of asbestos.

There are two ways to combat asbestos: removing or sealing it so that it does not get into the air. Elimination by a contractor, an approved federal or federal office EPA, is the gold standard. But how many gold standards are expensive. The waterproofing costs much less and can be useful under certain circumstances.

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REMEMBER: Because of the health risk of asbestos, as soon as you recognize this, you must eliminate it. Of course, as soon as you become aware of your presence, you must disclose it. This is another reason to fix the problems before you put your house on the market when it has gone, it is no longer a problem.

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